Herbs: one size doesn’t fit all

One mistake about using herbs for  health comes from a one size fits all mentality. And sometimes, that works. Or it works for a certain amount of time. Or it doesn’t work at all.

My background in herbal practice uses a synthesis of who my patient is, what the presenting pattern is, and what herbs would be appropriate to bring that person back to balance and optimal health. My prefered herbal formulas are based on the Chinese Materia Medica and herbal theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine. But I also have an understanding of Ayurvedic and Western herbs and use them when it seems appropriate. I love working with the raw, traditional herbs that are cooked into healing teas, but I also prescribe herbal granules if the patient would prefer these.

Either way, my herbal formulas are customized to the individual patient to address the specific presenting pattern.

Diet: your daily medicine

The most powerful medicine we can ever utilize is what we eat. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” (Hippocrates). But the modern diet has become confusing at best. “Health foods” can be the farthest thing from promoting healthful living. And many people have underlying allergies and food intolerances. In determining the best diet, I will suggest to get a baseline reading of your current health that would involve lab testing. Please see my nutrition page to learn more.