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I offer classes on subjects such as Demystifying Chinese Herbs, Holistic Self Care, Cooking Healthful Meals Quickly,  TCM Medicine Theory and others. I’m happy to speak to groups on these subjects or subjects concerning gardening.

There are still classes available for February 2020 – please see this page to reserve your space!

February 26, 2020 6:00 pm

Modern Day Medicine Women



Cooking with Chinese HErbs: Boosting the immune system

Cheri will demonstrate incorporating herbs into your everyday routines to boost your immune system. A light soup will be served. $35

Cheri Tuttle Callis, L.Ac.

Modern Day Medicine Women, Carmel

February 27, 2020 6:00 pm


Boulder Creek


Demystifying Chinese Herbs: Colds and Allergies

Looking for more natural remedies to cope with colds and allergies? Would you like to try Chinese herbs but find the names and indications confusing or obtuse? This is a 1 hour presentation to explain the most used remedies that can easily be found in most health food stores and a focus on a preventative formula. $20

Cheri Tuttle Callis, L.Ac.

Aum Herbs


Herbs and the Five Element theory

Modern Medicine women of Carmel classroom

PROPOSED CLASS – A more in depth exploration of herbs and the Chinese Five Element Theory. This class will be 6 three-hour sessions. The class will explore each element, possible symptom presentation and related herbs. $600 

Making herbal medicine: healing salves

Modern Medicine women of Carmel classroom

PROPOSED CLASS – Making your own herb salves are fun and rewarding. Class will explore the basics for designing your own formula and we will prepare a simple salve starting with dried herbs, fixed oil and beeswax. Students will take home 3 one-ounce pots of salve for their own use or as gifts. Two hours – $90


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