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My name is Cheri Tuttle Callis and I help my patients reduce pain and improve range of motion after an accident or surgery. I work to shift stuck energy that causes discomfort and unease. Through the use of acupuncture and herbal alchemy, I help my patients resolve chronic symptoms, regain energy levels, and experience a full body transformation.



Acupuncture is a a transformative experience. Herbs are gentle and natural catalysts. Both are my allies. My passion is in the alchemy of the body. I listen closely to my patients, and transform a complicated list of symptoms and complaints into a path of well being and optimal health.


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I have an office in Santa Cruz.. I invite you to contact me so that we can start your journey towards well being.


Maps and Address

K. L.

Capitola, CA


“If you are looking for a professional and caring acupuncturist, look no further.”

L. W.

Santa Cruz, CA

“She has an astute way of drawing from you the concerns you have and she offers very wise suggestions to consider in addressing these issues.”

K. M.

Sierra Blanca, TX


“I haven’t found anyone like her here in Texas! Aside from being a good healer, Cheri is a very attentive listener with a great bedside manner.”

A. H.

Scotts Valley, CA


“Cheri is the best. Professional, knowledgeable, and caring. The big three of any healthcare provider..”

Herb formulas for health professionals

Cheri has a full range of herb granules and creates custom blends for other acupuncturists

I earned the nickname “Apothecary Cheri” from friends who thought my love of herbal remedies peculiar, but helpful.



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Modern herb granules of the highest quality
Custom mixture of granulated herbs to fit the individual needs of the patient. Can be put in vegetarian capsules so they are easy to take.




My blog with my short thoughts on different subjects; herbs, acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, nutrition. Like any blog, who knows what the next topic could be?



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Upcoming  Classes or Presentations

I regularly present classes online and in person. I give presentations on a variety of subjects. Click the link below for descriptions, times, locations and dates.


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