“If you’re looking for a professional and caring acupuncturist, look no further. I come here about once a week and Cheri takes care of me each time with care. She makes me feel so much better every time from my back and arm pains to my stomach pains. l highly recommended her.”

K. L. in Capitola, california

“Cheri Tuttle Callis, has an extraordinary combination of talents and skills, exactly what you would want from your world class Acupuncturiist. She is a fountain of knowledge on how to offer the best treatment for a specific problem, and the ability to determine, through examination and conversation, what is the best approach for those less clear choices—for example, how to treat someone with chronic illness and less clearly defined symptoms. Beyond her knowledge, she has an astute way of drawing from you the concerns you have and she offers very wise suggestions to consider in addressing these issues. She creates an environment of safety and support and encouragement, beyond just symptom reduction. She listens intensely and has a vast memory for the concerns you have today in contrast to those you had previously. Her responses ore simple and complex at the same time. I would recommend treatment with her to anyone, of any age, personal background or medical issues. I can’t say enough for the professional support she possesses and shares generously with her clients.”

L.W. in Santa Cruz, California

“I am a big fan of Cheri’s work. A year after the death of two loved ones, when I was not able to emotionally recover, Cheri helped me through a period of extreme grief and depression when I was also extremely physically weak. After that, I also sought the her help for several physical ailments with success! I do not know how I would have pulled through my extensive grief without her and I haven’t found anyone like her here in Texas! Aside from being a good healer, Cheri is a very attentive listener with a great bedside manner. Her needling is very gentle and effective. She also helped my friend’s neck pain after a car accident. You are in very good hands with her!”

K.M. in Sierra Blanca, Texas

“I had a wonderful experience with Cheri! It was my first experience with acupuncture (I was fearful of needles) and Cheri put me right at ease. I highly recommend her services.”

D. W. in Aptos, California