Shift in direction

Anyone who sails a boat or flies an aircraft knows that if you change the direction of your course by one percent, you can radically change your destination. Doing one thing today, for a better you, will change all your tomorrows.

Chart a course

My Sifu, who has taught Tai Chi and other martial arts for many years, makes a great suggestion about re-starting one’s practice. And let’s face it, it happens to all of us. Life is busy, complicated, challenging in so many ways. We fall out of practicing the things that support our best selves. We forget to do self care. So how do we restart?

My Sifu says, the first day show up to your practice spot. 

That’s it. Nothing more. You can pat yourself on the back and say “job well done”. The second day, bring your shoes, maybe your practice sword, all the things you need to practice. 

Again, that’s it. Job well done! Pat yourself on the back. Go about your day.

Now the third day, show up at your practice spot, have your shoes and equipment, and do one move. Once again, done for the day! See how much you have changed!

Every day, keep up the practice spot, equipment, do one more move each day until suddenly you have accomplished getting back into the routine of your self care practice. And the self care today will effect all your tomorrows.


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